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Case study of Visitor Management: visitors to a company have signed into a logbook by scribbling their name, company, who they are visiting and login time. This guest book log is then kept as a written document for history of visitors, when they visited and who they visited. If any questions arise regarding who a visitor was, where they came from or who they saw, countless hours are spent by the receptionist or security going line by line to recover an entry with hopes that all the data has been entered into the log. Optional Driver License Scanner allow system to scan visitor's driver's license information into the database for fast enrollment.

Other applications are student attendance at each class room, remote activity attendance reporting, Emergency responds and much more....

  • IDCVMS- Visitor Management Solution Software
  • Includes database, card template, Check in/out  and more...
  • Scan Driver's License
  • Barcode printing ....
  • Supports Barcodes.
  • Prints 300dpi
  • USB Digital Video Camera  
  • Mini Tripod 
  • One year Manufacture warranty
  • Free telephone tech support
  • Order one of the following readers for easy check in /out:

    Barcode or Magnetic Stripe

    Proximity Card

    Laser Scanner

    barcode or magnetic stripe reader

    Proximity card reader

    laser barcode reader


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