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Three photo id software Series: 


Offers IDC Easy& IDC Easy Plus software. These are easy Point and Click ID card software to get you started fast. Usually customers who use this software produce a minimum amount of cards per year.

  • Barcodes or magnetic stripe
  • Image import
  • Easy card design
  • MS Access database creation
  • Windows compatible printers
  • Ink jet, and laser jet printers
  • Evolis, Fargo, Nisca, Zebra, Magicard or many others
  • More...


Offers Expert software. This level of ID card Software is for more complex applications.  Customers who use this ID card Software print or manage a larger number of photo ID cards on an annual basis, with card issuing at multiple locations.

Expert LE/EP software is network enabled, compatible to the latest MS Windows

For large amounts of data (records) or organizations that wish to create multiple card designs with associated attributes, develop a card management strategy, or enhance printing functions. 

Offer many additional features found in Quick Start series software.

  • Professional card designs
  • Connect to Other databases; ODBC, MS Access
  • Batch prints
  • SecurShield*(TM), a visual security ID protection
  • Networking with multiple print stations
  • Signature capture
  • Fingerprint images
  • More...


The Enterprise Series software is designed as an enterprise level ID card software product for the more complex applications requiring interfacing to larger databases or legacy systems. High Secure Card issuance requirements.

This Client-Server based ID card software series uses MS SQLServer to store all the card holder's information and design elements. Designed for corporate environments this ID card software provides enhance security features to allow you to control unlimited level of access. The software uses Microsoft native connectivity to overcome many inherent problems that traditional ODBC connectivity or typical PC databases cause.

Offer addition to the standard features found in Professional Series software:

  • Central database management
  • Large database size
  • Secured database access
  • Large number of badging stations
  • Fast performance
  • More.....

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