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Photo ID

Out Photo ID Card series software is the most powerful "off-the-shelf" photo ID card software available in the marketplace today. This feature rich software allows the user to configure and create simple or complex ID card systems. There are provisions for secure networking and card issuance all the way through an enterprise system. The software can also be configured to interface with third party databases or legacy systems.

Our photo ID software offers you with these major advantages*:

  • Security - software offers multiple levels user logon, and SecurShield*(TM) , a visual id card protection against fraudulent ID.
  • Flexibility - Our software has a structured workflow approach from creating a database to producing a photo ID Card.  Allows future flexibility as your system requirements grow.
  • Scalability - Save time and money with scalable photo ID software offering. Protect your investment with our photo ID software suite; you may choose to start with simply photo ID solution, and it is easy to migrate to higher level of photo ID software.
  • Compatible with latest Microsoft Windows.

Visitor Management

IDCVMS, is designed to make visitor registration a fast and easy process. Visitors scan their ID (business card or driver's license), all relevant information is captured in a database file, you can personalize your visitors badge with the visitors photograph (optional), the name of the person, persons or area being visited, the reason for the visit, and their arrival and departure times. Once the information is captured a visitors badge is produced. Reports are a then a click away, with the ability to set search criteria’s to make look up of records fast and convenient.

  • Our IDCVMS is designed with you in mind. Of course we offer standard badge templates, designs and styles, but we also give you the ability to customize your visitor badges to fit your specific needs. From the Data Entry Screen to selecting company logos to printing your badges, customization is at your finger tip. You can design multiple visitor badge templates based on attributes, i.e. day badges can be one color or style, contractors visiting your facility can have a different badge and visiting VIP’s can have a different badge design. The number of badge templates, their design and styles are a function of how you wish to use your badges, not how we envisioned how you would use your badges.
  • Peripheral Devices of all types can be used in conjunction with your Visitor Management System. Our system has the capabilities to interface with a multitude of cameras, scanners, signature and fingerprint capture devices, barcode and magnetic stripe readers and printers.

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